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Causes Of Psoriasis

Psoriasis occur when immune system cells(T-cells) of body get activated to kill the outside invader like bacteria. in psoriasis immune system start sending wrong signal to the body and in response to this signal skin cells start growing at much higher rate than normal, this abnormal growth of skin cells cause scaling of skin.


Some people are more likely to get psoriasis due to some reasons these reasons include.

  1. Genetic reason

People having family history of Psoriasis are more likely to get psoriasis it is said that people whose ancestors are affected by the psoriasis have 15% higher chances of being infected by psoriasis

  •  Eating foods that cannot be eaten together

Foods Like fish with milk are a combination that cannot be eaten together. If eaten together they may cause psoriasis. In ayurveda it is believed that these combination can activate the ailment.

  • Stress and emotional factor

Too much stress can trigger psoriasis, stress can also effects the immune system and immune system is directly linked to the psoriasis.

Psoriasis can also increase stress in peoples as they feel ashamed of disease.


Stress due to cost of psoriasis treatment

People with psoriasis also take stress due to costly psoriasis treatment but one should understand that stress can increase the disease.


Availability of low cost and highly effective psorisis treatments

In Ayurveda so many cost effective and highly efficient treatment of psoriasis are available one such clinic having promising results and have very low cost of psoriasis treatment is punarnav ayurveda. know more about psoriasis treatment in punarnav ayurveda

  • Climate change special low temperature can cause psoriasis

Air conditioner is the main cause of climate change around surrounding that contribute to psoriasis. People with psoriasis should avoid low temperature and should stay in consistent climate rather than travelling around places having high variation in climate.

  • Weak immune system

]low immunity can cause psoriasis. Psoriasis is directly related to the psoriasis and thus any defect in immune system can increase the chance of getting psoriasis. people who are more likely to get psoriasis should take a diet which can increase their immunity.

  • Alcohol and tobacco consumption

people who are susceptible of getting psoriasis should not take alcohol and tobacco as they are considered as the main triggers of psoriasis. These products also causes other disease which can harm immune system and can increase chances of getting psoriasis.


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