Psoriasis Is Not Contagius It Is An AutoImmune Disorder Do Not Get Panic With It, Find Best Treatment Here And Get Healed
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About Punarnav ayurveda

punarnav ayurveda is highly rated skin clinic situated in kota, Rajasthan it is specialized in psoriasis and other skin related diseases like lichen planus,vitiligo, eczema, uticaria, face skin issue, skin irritation, allergy, sunburn, operation marks, old wounds, diabtic ulcers, non healing wounds, leukoderma.

punarnav ayureda clinic has a vast amount of experience in treating psoriasis and other skin related disease.

results of punarnav ayurveda clinic in treating psoriasis and other skin diseases are very promising, these results can be verified from its patients.

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Specialized psoriasis treatment at punarnav ayurveda

Punarnav ayurveda heals the psoriasis using its best treatment methods, these methods not just clear the scales from superficial skin but removes the root causes of psoriasis and heal psoriasis from beneath the body. Punarnav ayurveda has a long set of highly effective procedure for posriasis treatment which must be completed at their center for full psoriasis treatment. Power  of ayurveda for psoriasis disease can be seen here in Punarnav Ayurveda.

people getting treatment of psoriasis at punarnav ayurveda start getting positive results only in one week,  people who completed psoriasis treatment at punarnav ayurveda sees that scales and patches of psoriasis are diminishing and their skin getting back to the normal condition.


The treatment for psoriasis by Punarnav Ayurveda is decided based on the following factors.

  1. Seriousness of disease
  2. The type and nature of psoriasis
  3. Size and seriousness of psoriasis patches
  4. How the patient body react towards the treatment


Procedure for psoriasis treatment in punarnav ayurveda

  1. Cleaning of Skin and blood

At Punarnava Ayurveda Psoriasis considered as the poison in the skin which is secreted by our body so to treat Psoriasis it is necessary to clean skin from Beneath.

During psoriasis treatment it is objective of punarnav Ayurveda to clean and insulate the system of our body. Cleaning of blood can also reduce the risk of other autoimmune disease

  1. Creating balance between metabolism and immune system

Psoriasis is a autoimmune disorder. when  our metabolic system get disturbed ,our immune system starts mal funnctioning. Punarnav Ayturveda’s psoriasis treatment program create balance between our metabolic system and immune system . so that patients immune system starts working properly.

  1. Breaking Abnormal production of epidermal layer

Punarnav ayurveda treatment breaks Abnormal production of epidermal layer of the skin cells, especially during wound repair and an overabundance of skin cells result in chock scaling and inflammation of the skin.

  1. Practicing Yoga

Stress related triggers of psoriasis can be neutralised with the help of yoga. 20 minutes of morning special yoga exercises have proved being worthy in many studies. Punarnav ayurveda organise regular special morning yoga classes for psoriatic patients to get faster results.

  1. Using combination of herbs

very effective combination of herbs are created according to the skin type of psoriasis patients. punarnav ayurveda combination of drugs proved to be very effective on all kind patients suffering from various types of disease.

  1. Special Diet Programme

During the entire treatment period certain diet restrictions to be followed.

  • balanced and healthy vegetarian diet

 No veg foods are not allowed as they can increase the chances of making disease worse.

  • boiled vegetables

Excess oil in vegetables are not allowed any only boiled vegetables can be considered as eatable during the whole programme.

  • fruits and fruit juices

During the treatment program fruits are taken as the main portion of diet.


using of certain foods are totally banned during the treatment program these include

  • Mental fatigue and stress
  • Cosmetics and synthetic colors /Fabric.
  • Hot spicy foods
  • Animal fats
  • Canned foods
  • Eggs
  • Curds
  • Pickles
  • Yogurt
  • black gram
  • chilies

Other Treatments available at punarnav ayurveda

punarnav ayurveda is also specialized in treating other skin diseases like

  1. eczema
  2. Lichen planus
  3. Discoulrations
  4. Acne

to know more about treatments available at punarnav ayurveda visit punarnav ayurveda official website


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