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Triggers Of Psoriasis


In Ayurveda various kinds of triggers are identified that can trigger psoriasis in peoples which are likely to get psoriasis some of these triggers are:



Psoriasis such as guttate psoriasis can be triggered by the infections. these infections can be the results of some drugs such as lithium, beta-blockers, antimalarial agents, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors.

Eating Habits

  1. Consuming opposite quality foods

In ayurveda foods combination such as milk with fish are considered as deadliest combination and these combinations can increase the chance of skin disease.

another combination that can increase risk of psoriasis is drinking cold water during stress. milk with curd buttermilk, generally people eat rayta with kheer ,and that is very bed combination food ,

milk and salt combined food is also bad combination in food.milk with banana ,sure fruits , khichri .

eating lemon with cucumber tomato in salad and milk also 

  1. Taking meals frequently

taking another meal before previous meals get fully digested can trigger psoriasis. time gap between meals should be sufficient so that each meal can digest fully.

  1. Tobacco and alcohol consumption ans smoking

Tobacco and alcohol consumption and smoking can increase chances of getting psoriasis.

  1. Sex within four hour of taking meals can also trigger psoriasis

Extreme Low temperature

enviromental factors such as very low temperature can increase the chance of getting psoriasis, people who are more vulnerable to psoriasis should avoid using Air conditioner. Very cold weather can dry your skin while hot and sunny weather can make it smooth.

Sleeping Habits

  1. people who are more vulnerable to psoriasis should make consistent sleeping pattern at night. According to ayurveda sleeping at day time can cut the time for body to remove impurities.


Psoriasis can triggered more rapidly at injured areas. Sunburns and scratches can trigger psoriasis these triggers can be avoid if found at early stages.

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