Psoriasis Is Not Contagius It Is An AutoImmune Disorder Do Not Get Panic With It, Find Best Treatment Here And Get Healed
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Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder in which skin cells developed with abnormal pace and cause scaling of skin.

In psoriasis patients immune system sends faulty signals to the body and in response to this body started developing skin cells at more faster rate than normal condition.

Cycle of skin cells in psoriasis

In normal people skin cell grows and fall off in one month but In people with psoriasis, life cycle of skin cells is reduced to 1 week or few days and thus falling of skin cells does not occur at the same pace with the production of skin cells, This causes overproduction of skin cells and thus causes scaling.

How  psoriasis scales looks like

When scales are developed in skin, red patches occurs. Scales are generally white-silver in color they may cause bleeding.

Body parts effected by psoriasis

Generally psoriasis effects joints such as elbows and knees but psoriasis can effect any part of body like

Feet, Nails, Hands, elbows, scalp etc..

also different type of psoriasis can effect different body parts

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Chances of developing psoriasis

people having a family history of psoriasis have more chance of getting psoriasis. Although irregular sleeping habits, unmatched food like milk with fish can trigger psoriasis

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Is there any treatment for psoriasis

Ayurveda have an best treatment protocols that is effective in improving psoriasis condition. there are some Ayurveda therapies and Ayurveda medicines with spatial diet and life style protocol that is sufficient to  cure psoriasis permanently. 

In our point of view best way to treat psoriasis is though ayurvedic therapies, Ayurvedic therapies are very effective in treating psoriasis and have no side effects, these therapies can also cure other autoimmune disorder disease along with psoriasis.

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